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Summer Rates and Clinics

“Tell a man where to fish and he is happy for a day.
Teach a man how to fish and he is happy for a lifetime.”

Entering the World of Fly Fishing
Beginner Clinic for All Ages

In this clinic, we will cover the anatomy of the fly rod and terminal tackle, essential knots, fly selection, basic fly casting, fish-finding skills, and on-the-water fishing tactics. The first portion of the clinic will be held at the local park, and then it’s on to one the area’s beautiful waters to apply our techniques.

5 Hour Clinic Includes: Flies, Complete Wading Gear, Rod/Reel, Terminal Tackle and Beverages. (I bring along a digital camera to capture those special moments!)



Full-Day and Half-Day Trips
Custom Trips for Novice to Advanced Anglers

These trips will be designed to meet your visions and goals. I specialize in the many different waters of the Eastern Sierra from Bishop to Bridgeport including the Upper and Lower Owens River, the Owens River Gorge, Hot Creek, Crowley Lake, the San Joaquin River, the upper lake basins of Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, McGee Creek, and the East Walker River.

8 Hour Full-Day Trip Includes: Flies, Complete Wading Gear, Rod/Reel, Terminal Tackle Lunch and Beverages.
5 Hour Half-Day Trip Includes: Flies, Complete Wading Gear, Rod/Reel, Terminal Tackle and Beverages.

ADD EXTRA ANGLERS - $ 125.00 per person

ADD EXTRA ANGLERS - $ 75.00 per person



Still-Water Fishing Crowley Lake
The art of catching big fish with small flies
Beginner to Advanced Anglers

Crowley Lake holds some of the most nutrient-rich water of the region making it the home for some of the fastest-growing and strongest trout in the area. A staple of the Crowley Lake trout’s diet is the chironomid, an aquatic insect called a “midge” that populates the lake by the millions. Utilizing different “midging” techniques, we will fish the lake from my bass-style boat. Still-water float-tube clinics are also available.

5 Hour Lake Trip Includes: Flies, Rod/Reel, Terminal Tackle and Beverages.

FLOAT TUBE TRIP - $350.00      ADD EXTRA ANGLERS - $ 75.00



Mid-Summer Trout Hunting and Casting Clinics
Sundown Dry Fly Fishing or Evening Before Casting Clinic

The warm summer evening Caddis hatches can be excellent for Sundown Dry Fly Fishing. The grabs are explosive and the action can go on until last light. During these clinics we work on “matchin’ hatches”, simplifying presentations, and learning tricks to see small flies in low light. I recommend these clinics for intermediate to advanced anglers.

Evening Before Casting Clinics are designed for the folks that want to get their ‘home work’ done the evening before their guide trip. Whether you are a beginner or you would just like a refresher clinic to get that winter’s dust off the fly rod, this class will improve your odds on “game day”.




The Magic of the McCloud River
Experience fishing one of California’s finest trout waters
Intermediate to Advanced Anglers*

In the spring of 1995, I served an internship in Northern California under Dick Galland and the guides of the Clearwater House on Hat Creek. During this Ivy-League education in guiding, I fell in love with the waters of the area and vowed never to go long without spending time on them. One of these waters is the McCloud River – a 6-hour drive plus a bumpy, 30-minute, dirt road away from Mammoth Lakes. This river starts as a spring-fed creek, then dumps into the McCloud Reservoir. We fish the milky cobalt blue tailwater out of McCloud Dam, its source ancient glaciers high atop Mount Shasta. The river’s edge is surrounded by old growth pine giants that have seen hundreds of years of Native Americans, pioneers, and fishermen.

My daily goals are to teach the art of fishing a river. You might think of it as of to draw a parallel between being an accomplished golfer and accomplished angler; the drive, the approach and the putt are essential to having a complete game. I will teach classic puff-ball rigging and techniques for fishing the big, deep, slower pools that the Mac is famous for (the drive.) Then, shorten up our system to fish the tail-outs and deep structure (the approach shot.) Then, lose the indicator all together and hit the fast water (the putt.) That’s where I teach my spin on Czech nymphing or Northern California tight line high sticking. After dinner we ditch the spit-shot all together and hunt fish until dark using the dry fly. Generally, we fish with four or five wt. fly rods with floating lines. The bug hatches you can expect this time of year are Pale Morning Duns, Pale Evening Duns, Green Drakes, Caddis and Giant Salmonfly.

We camp streamside and enjoy the feeling of being in the middle of the land that time forgot (but with flushing toilets.) Our mornings begin with coffee at 8 am as we discuss the complexities of the day- whether to fish up river or down. We usually fish water about a stone’s throw from camp, or travel by car 15 minutes to the McCloud Nature Conservancy, where only ten anglers are allowed to fish per day.

If camping isn’t your bag, then the charming little city of Mount Shasta is only 45 minutes away, offering excellent accommodations and restaurants. If you’re traveling light, I recommend a flight to Redding and a one hour drive by rental car to Shasta City.

I am also permitted to guide the Upper Sacramento and Pit rivers. The techniques, fishing and overall beauty parallel the McCloud. They are must-fish if you’re in the area and a shooting distance from the Mac.


ADD EXTRA ANGLERS - $ 125.00 per person

ADD EXTRA ANGLERS - $ 75.00 per person

*I recommend that anglers have good wading skills and some type of camping background for this trip.

I welcome you to bring your own gear and favorite flies, but our trips include any gear and flies you will need for the day.

Slideshow of this Adventure and the Magic of McCloud River


Jaeger’s College of Trout-Fishin’ Knowledge
Summer fishing camp designed for kids

This 4-day school is recommended for young anglers ages 10 through 16. Camp begins each morning at 9am at the Trout Fly in Mammoth Lakes and ends there each day at 5pm. The experience level and age of the anglers will determine our game plan. Some topics we might cover are: beginner to intermediate fly casting; wading and water safety; nymph, dry, and streamer fishing; still water midging; stream entomology; catch and release education; and stream etiquette. We’ve also been known to spend an afternoon doing a bike ride on Mammoth Mountain or taking a soak in the hot springs. On the last day, camp meets in the local park where we present a student casting demo for the families, hold a graduation ceremony, and close with a barbeque.

8 Hour Camp Includes: Flies, Complete Wading Gear, Rod/Reel, Terminal Tackle Lunch and Beverages.s

ANGLER PER DAY - $ 225.00
Maximum anglers per guide is 3


"I was thinking about what fascinates me about nymphing. Some people prefer the dry fly, others the wet fly, but the nymph has something mysterious about it that I never grow tired of. There is just a moment, maybe a hundredth of a second of uncertainty, when you strike. The take is often seen as a slight movement, or felt as a sudden heaviness of the line, the end of the line momentarily moves to the side or there is simply a sixth sense that says that this is the fish. You strike and, at that time, you do not know whether you are fast to the riverbed or a fish. And that feeling, when the leader tightens, when the fish moves, no other style of fishing will offer you that." ---Milan Hladik

In the summer of 1995 I was honored to fish under some of the finest guides in the country on the legendary rivers of Northern California. On many of these deep fast rivers the technique of choice is ‘tight line fishing’, this high stick method was adjusted and perfected over the years but the roots come from the Czech Republic. This style of fly-fishing, known as Czech nymphing, is a pure style of fishing done without indicators. I have found it’s an essential tool to add to your arsenal of weapons for catching trout. I have mastered this art throughout the years, but most of all I have simplified the art of teaching this craft. My goal, upon completion of this class, is to give you the freedom to rig your own rod and display and understand this style. I recommend it for intermediate to advanced flyfishers.

This five hour class will be devoted to equipment, terminal tackle rigging, reading water and fishing techniques.

* This class with be taught throughout the season, upon demand *

A complete summary of class on DVD will be given to each student at the end of class.

1-2 anglers-$350.00
add extra anglers $75.00

Booking/Cancellation Policy

Please secure your reservation with a Visa/MC. A full deposit by personal check or money order is required within 30 days of your scheduled trip date. All rates quoted are cash or check prices.

In the event of your cancellation:

1. Your deposit is fully refundable prior to 14 days of your scheduled trip date.

2. For cancellations within 14 days of the trip, the full amount is non-refundable.

Please be prepared with current California Fishing license, for those sixteen and older. And please remember fishing is an outdoor activity and you must come prepared for the elements. We do not issue rain checks/cancellations for inclement weather conditions.

Pat Jaeger Eastern Sierra Guide Service
2327 Stone Circle Bishop Ca. 93514


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