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Eastern Sierra fly-fishing guide Pat Jaeger Hatch Report
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Pat Jaeger Fly-Fishing Guide

Jaeger College of Trout Fishing Knowledge..... Join me on a two-day educational experience. Our goals are to simply give you the freedom of fishing on your own. We will shed light on; • reading water • entomology/fly selection • casting fly line • Knots/ basic rigging • Three fly presentations; dry fly, streamer and nymph These classes will take place on various waters from Bishop to Bridgeport, depending on the time of year, weather and water flows. My goal is to teach the fundamental skills you will need to confidently fish on your own. This two day crash course will set you on your way to enjoy the lifetime journey of tricking trout with chicken feathers tied to hooks. Prerequisites and gear needed: None, but I recommend getting some homework done, a local fly-shop or fishing club introductory class. For anglers 10-years and older. Class size: three or greater; over six, I get an extra guide to help. Available Dates: June 6th and 7th July 25th and 26th August 29th and 30th TWO DAY WORKSHOP $325 per angler ....You can sign-up for class at Bob Marriotts Fly shop

Necessity is truly the mother of invention. My objective as a guide is to teach the art of a drag-free drift and the comprehension and ease of proper fly rigging. Once these concepts are achieved, nymph fishing becomes truly NOT FAIR for catching trout. The spin on this product is the two-tone color and its ability to show you when flies are directly under the indicator; or as we refer to -- when flies are HUNTING for trout. Our color choices are Jose Feliciano Green, new to 2014, Stevie Wonder Red (you can even see it if you can't see) and White (the ultimate camo, water foam). They are highly visible to an angler but invisible to fish. Another twist is the plastic pin we use. It doesn't get water logged and DOES NOT slip, even using the smallest section of leader or tippet. The kit comes in a water tight plastic container with a dozen indicators, three different sizes, small, medium and large, extra pins and rubber bands for those of you that prefer different attachment techniques. I will be selling FISHBALLS at your favorite fly shop, for now available at the Trout Fly/Troutfitter in Mammoth Lakes, Bob Marriott’s, Fisherman’s Spot, SoCal Flyshop and Reagans Sporting Goods in Bishop or on my shopping page in this site. $11.95 for complete kit and FREE SHIPPING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lower Owens River blog
Open year-round June 12th 2015.... The Lower Owens water flows are holding around 100 CFS. I recommend fishing water above the canal confluence (Brockman) and below the Bishop Creek confluence (above Line Street). The fishing has been unreal with this stormy weather, I even did a driftboat trip last week and we crushed em. We have been enjoying a midday Mayfly hatch (#20) and a couple days ago we got into a fantastic Caddis hatch (#20)….the fish have been really grabbing the nymph but I have had some days I can’t get my feet on the ground too. I would expect to see summer flows above 100-125 CFS. I recommend the last hour of the day!!

Hot Creek
..Text written by Kevin Peterson Hot Creek Ranch. . July 28th 2015 ...The fishing is still great! Mostly in the morning, but the evenings have been fun too. With all of the rain we have been getting the last few weeks, the creek is still in really good shape. We have actually gotten a little flush from the higher water! Water levels are surprisingly good!! There has been a good Caddis migration in the morning starting around 7:30 with a female trico hatch going from around 8 to 9:30 then the Trico spinner fall somewhere around 9:30. If we don’t have a breeze, the spinner fall can be really good! The Baetis hatch is still happening sometime late morning to early afternoon and can be very good with a decent Caddis hatch in the evening with the male Tricos as well. We are even seeing some sulpher May Flies mid afternoon with some cloud cover. As usual, Beetles and Ants have been producing when there is no hatch. The best Caddis patterns at the moment are the para grey Caddis, the E.C. Caddis, Low Profile Caddis, para Caddis Emerger and the Hot Creek Caddis all in sizes 22 and 20. Tricos are the #22 Male and Female Comparadun and the Sprout Male. The BWO patterns working the best right now are the para Adams, para BWO, Sprout Baetis, Extended body Baetis, Sparkle Dun and the CDC Baetis Emerger all in #s 22 and 20.

Crowley lake
Report written by Kent Rianda Troutfitter Mammoth Lakes ...July 27th 2015 Water Conditions: Water levels are rising ever so slightly every week. Present elevation is 6,764.2 ft. versus 6,781 at the spillway. The water temps are starting to rocket and but still only a hint of algae. Water is still crystal clear. Uncanny year. Second Crowley Cam at the Fish Camp with streaming video is online. Fishing Conditions and Hatches: The hot water has moved all the fish into the areas around the inlets, namely McGee Bay and Hilton. (Haven't looked at Crooked lately) Get out the bottom thermometers and see if you can find a stripe of cool water any colder than 68.2° F, the prevailing bottom temperature everywhere. If so, throw the anchor over . . . they will be there. Recommended Flies: Nymphs: Albino Baron, Disco Baron early then Copper Tiger, Dubbed Head Flashback Gray/Black Optimidge later in the AM. Try Dubbed Head Olive Optimidge brightest part of day and you might stick a real monster. Hang a Damsel up above your midges - the alternative meal. Also put it one on the bottom if you see 10 crawling up your anchor rope. Streamers: AP Emerger, Damsel Fly nymph patterns, Slow strip midge trailers.

Upper Owens River
July 27th 2015 Fish report written by the Troutfitter Water Conditions:Poor Flows are at 40cfs as of 7/23 Water running clear above Hot Creek confluence and a bit of color below. Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair Hearing there are some big fish holding in the bait section below the bridge. Water below the confluence is flirting with 70 degrees lately so we haven't been fishing here very much this summer. Try up high early in the morning where the water is cooler for the best shot at fish. Recommended Flies: DRIES: EC Caddis #16-20, Stimulator #16-18, Hackle Stacker #18-20, Bi Visible Dun #18-20, Grasshoppers, Chernobyl Ant, Fat Albert NYMPHS: Flashback Hares Ear #14-16, #16 Prince Nymph, Western Coachmen, Flashy Midges #14-16, RS2 #18 -20, Bird of Prey #16-18, Pheasant Tail #18-20 Sparkle Caddis Pupa Tan #16-18 STREAMERS: Wolly Buggers Olive #8-12, Meat Whistle #6-8, Slump Buster #8-10, Muddler Minnow #8-12

East Walker River Blog 2014
Open year-round...Fish report written by Ken's Sporting Goods in Bridgeport; July 27th 2015 ...The flow on the East has dropped down to 38 cfs this week. We haven't had many reports from the river since the flows dropped but it sounds like the water temps are still good and the fish that are being caught are still healthy. It seems as though a dry/dropper rig has been producing the best. You'll need to be fairly stealthy and search out the deeper pools and runs where fish will be hiding. The area below the bridge on hwy 182 and the Nevada side have been producing the best. Patterns to try include: chubby chernobyl, stimulator, fat albert, fox's poopah, buckskin caddis, dark lord, wd-40, silver streak, rainbow warrior.

The San Joaquin River
July 28th 2015...Written by the boys at the Troutfly.....Water Conditions:Fishing conditions and Hatches: Fair Not seeing too much in the way of bug activity. Flows are just about bottomed out. The fish are really spooky and aren't too interested in your dry fly. We've been catching fish on small nymphs under a big dry or a small indicator with almost no weight. The flows are down way low, so try to put some distance between you and the fish so you don't spook too many of them. Dry dropper or hopper dropper is the way to go. Most of the deep pools aren't even deep anymore, and a foot to two feet of distance between your top fly and your nymph should do the trick for the most part except for a few select places. Recommended Flies: Dries: Parachute Adams #22, Chernobyl Ant #12-14, Beatle, Fat Albert, Kaufman Stimulator #16, Royal Wulff #16, Rubber Leg Stimulator, Yellow Humpy Nymphs: Prince Nymph #20, Flashback Pheasant tail #20 Hogan's S&M Nymph #20, Glass Bead Olive Micromayfly #20, Hare's Ear, Olive Bird's Nest #20

McCloud, Upper Sacramento and Pit River Trip June of 2014
The Magic of the McCloud River Experience fishing one of California’s finest trout waters Intermediate to Advanced Anglers* In the spring of 1995, I served an internship in Northern California under Dick Galland and the guides of the Clearwater House on Hat Creek. During this Ivy-League education in guiding, I fell in love with the waters of the area and vowed never to go long without spending time on them. One of these waters is the McCloud River – a 6-hour drive plus a bumpy, 30-minute, dirt road away from Mammoth Lakes. This river starts as a spring-fed creek, then dumps into the McCloud Reservoir. We fish the milky cobalt blue tailwater out of McCloud Dam, its source ancient glaciers high atop Mount Shasta. The river’s edge is surrounded by old growth pine giants that have seen hundreds of years of Native Americans, pioneers, and fishermen. My daily goals are to teach the art of fishing a river. You might think of it as of to draw a parallel between being an accomplished golfer and accomplished angler; the drive, the approach and the putt are essential to having a complete game. I will teach classic puff-ball rigging and techniques for fishing the big, deep, slower pools that the Mac is famous for (the drive.) Then, shorten up our system to fish the tail-outs and deep structure (the approach shot.) Then, lose the indicator all together and hit the fast water (the putt.) That’s where I teach my spin on Czech nymphing or Northern California tight line high sticking. After dinner we ditch the spit-shot all together and hunt fish until dark using the dry fly. Generally, we fish with four or five wt. fly rods with floating lines. The bug hatches you can expect this time of year are Pale Morning Duns, Pale Evening Duns, Green Drakes, Caddis and Giant Salmonfly. We camp streamside and enjoy the feeling of being in the middle of the land that time forgot (but with flushing toilets.) Our mornings begin with coffee at 8 am as we discuss the complexities of the day- whether to fish up river or down. We usually fish water about a stone’s throw from camp, or travel by car 15 minutes to the McCloud Nature Conservancy, where only ten anglers are allowed to fish per day. If camping isn’t your bag, then the charming little city of Mount Shasta is only 45 minutes away, offering excellent accommodations and restaurants. If you’re traveling light, I recommend a flight to Redding and a one hour drive by rental car to Shasta City. I am also permitted to guide the Upper Sacramento and the Pit River, all in striking distance from the Mac. Available dates: June 23-July 3 FULL DAY ONE OR TWO ANGLERS - $ 400.00 ADD EXTRA ANGLERS - $ 125.00 per person HALF DAY ONE OR TWO ANGLERS - $ 300.00 ADD EXTRA ANGLERS - $ 75.00 per person *I recommend that anglers have good wading skills and some type of camping background for this trip. I welcome you to bring your own gear and favorite flies, but our trips include any gear and flies you will need for the day.

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